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Success Stories Patient Testimonials

Success Stories

What Our Patients Say

extremely talented and friendly Dentist”

Grab a coffee, sit down and let me tell you about my experience with Dentistry On The Clyde……………..

I lost my front tooth as the result of an accident at only eight years old.  Unfortunately the tooth was shattered, however, the root was initially salvageable.  This resulted in various procedures as I grew up to ensure my front tooth was in keeping with my age/stage.  Dentistry in the 1980s was a vastly different landscape and I vividly remember being slapped across the face when an older Dentist tried to jag the front of my mouth.  These scars have remained to this day and as a result the Dentist and I haven’t exactly been best of friends since !! 

I first started researching an implant when I graduated from University and again when I was planning my Wedding.  I was conscious of the visible bone loss at the front of my mouth, however, I never got past the initial consultation period as the fear of further invasive procedures far outweighed my aesthetic concerns.  When I moved to Gourock we were on the lookout for a new Dentist.  When I first met Dr McAuley I was instantly taken with her friendly and professional approach

After examining my mouth I asked Dr McAuley what she would recommend regarding a full mouth overhaul.  I had just had my second baby, turned 40 and decided I finally wanted to address the nemesis that was my mouth as I had grown tired of altering my smile to try and conceal the obvious indentation where I had bone loss.  That and the fact my Maryland bridge was not the best from an aesthetic perspective !!!  I received the plan, however, I still dithered – for many months !!!  During this period my Maryland bridge began to fail and I was a regular at the practice. 

Not once did Dr McAuley try to talk me into the plan as she was well aware of the reasoning behind my reticence. I was experiencing some trouble with a back molar which Dr McAuley was investigating.  This turned into a “Root Canal’ procedure and as I was already in the chair and in no way expecting this, there was no way out !  Another invasive procedure was required – major bowel movement moment right there I can tell you !!!!  Dr McAuley was outstanding during that appointment, both in her technical expertise (I experienced no pain) but most importantly in managing my anxiety.  I knew at that point this was the Dentist that was going to transform my mouth.  I had complete faith in Dr McAuley and knew she would not only deliver fantastic results but she would help me during the process and keep me calm.  I am now nearing the end of my restoration and am literally beaming from ear to ear!! 

I have had many procedures, MANY – implant, gum contouring, composite bonding, temporary crowns – the full works !!  I would not be at this point if it had not been for Dr McAuley.  You have an extremely talented and friendly Dentist as part of your team.  I have no doubt that Dr McAuley will progress far in her career as she is passionate about what she does.  If you are ever in doubt about the service you are delivering in Gourock this mail should alleviate that. 

Your practice is delivering the level of care I would come to expect from a City Centre Private Practice.  Come December this chick is going to have two front teeth – I have NEVER had two actual front teeth !!!!!  This is dependent on the implant continuing to take well of course.  Before signing off I also have to mention others at the practice that I have got to know well over the past two years.  The “Dream Team” that is Laura & Liz !!  What can I say, these two fabulous ladies run reception like a military operation.  They constantly keep me on track with my many appointments and always have time to chat and seem genuinely interested in their patients.  I also have to thank the immensely talented Donna, who assists Dr McAuley.

Every appointment I have attended has been on time, everything prepped and work carried out seamlessly. Donna & I have come a long way since my first appointment where she had to constantly tell me to “relax that tongue”. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I can assure you I will be taking my mouth out for a celebratory BIG night out in Glasgow once everything is complete.


“I’m Absolutely Delighted. Couldn’t Ask For Anything Better” Says Eunice


“I Was Sceptical At First, But It Was Absolutely Pain Free” Says Tom


“What A Difference” Says George Following Dentures, White Fillings & Crowns


“The Treatment Was Life Changing” Says Sarah


“Straighter Teeth In Just Under 6 Months”


“Nobody Has Really Noticed That I Have Invisalign” Says Simon


Caitlin Talks About Her Pain Free Invisalign Treatment


Rabia Was Complaining About Spaces Between Her Teeth Before Her Composite Bonding Treatment With Morven


“Megan’s Teeth Were Straightened In Just 10 Weeks”


“Gaynor Would 1000% Recommend Composite Bonding”


“Great, Easy, Pain Free Straight Teeth”


 “Mary is really happy with her natural looking new smile”


 “My new smile is absolutely fantastic”


 “My fear of the dentist has vanished”


“can see the progress and changes in your smile with every week”

I’m now halfway through my Invisalign treatment and can’t believe how easy it is!

You just get in to a routine wearing them every day and great can still eat what I want at mealtimes when I take them out.

Amazing that you can see the progress and changes in your smile with every week. Morven’s been amazing at guiding me through it. Very excited to see the end result!

Success Stories Patient Testimonials

“my teeth feel brand new after seeing Rebecca”


“Paul Was Self-Conscious About His Smile Before High Speed Braces”


“Denise Sees Her Smile For The First Time After Dental Implants”


“Very Happy With The Outcome Of My teeth”

Success Stories Patient Testimonials


“I can actually smile again”

Success Stories Patient Testimonials

“Completely Pain Free” Says Stuart

Success Stories Patient Testimonials


“Now I Smile With Confidence” Says Aileen

Success Stories Patient Testimonials


“I Used To Cover My Smile” Says Kellie


“Totally Pain Free” Says Craig Hunter 

Success Stories Patient Testimonials  

“I wasn’t in any way made to feel ashamed about my fear”

I cannot recommend this practice enough.

There are literally no words to describe how grateful I am for the fantastic care I received in both my initial emergency appointment and subsequent appointments.

After a really bad experience with my previous dentist, I have avoided going altogether. However recently I ended up needing an emergency appointment and 2 rounds of antibiotics/extraction on a tooth that had previous root canal treatment.

I had read previous reviews with scepticism if I’m honest – but called for an emergency appointment and I was given an appointment for 20 minutes later! On all 3 occasions, the reception staff were friendly and welcoming – this really made a huge difference for me.

I was given an appointment with Nial and Laura – who were so kind and understanding, and very clearly absolute professionals.

They really put me at ease and were very considerate and sympathetic of how anxious and frankly terrified/embarrassed I was. I wasn’t in any way made to feel ashamed about my fear or like it was an inconvenience.

From the initial injections through to the actual tooth coming out (I didn’t even feel it!) I was really well looked after. Nial double and triple checked I couldn’t feel anything at all and I have never felt so delighted to have been to the dentist in my life!

Despite issues with not feeling properly numbed up with my previous dentist, I can honestly say it was absolutely pain free!

I would rate a million stars if I could, I don’t feel at all nervous about going back for the other wee things I’m needing done. I will be registering my daughter, because when you have such a fantastic experience I’m confident she won’t develop the fear like I did!
Can honestly and undoubtedly say this is the best Dentist I’ve ever been to, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Emily Stables

“Very Lucky To Be A Patient”


Success Stories Patient Testimonials


“Made Me Feel Really Calm”

Success Stories Patient Testimonials


"I'm Not Scared Of The Dentist Anymore!"

Explained Every Procedure

I Won't Delete My Pictures Now Says Helen

Definitely Would Recommend To My Friends Says John

I Wouldn’t Go Anywhere Else Says Alyson

Comfortable & Relaxed Says Carina

Delighted With My Results Says Coleen

100% Happy And Pain Free Say James


 “The Treatment Was Completely Pain Free”

I was worried about receiving the treatment. However Nial put me at ease by explaining before just what was entailed.

The treatment was completely pain free and the video glasses he used took my mind off the process. Again after Nial explained what I could expect and told me what I could take if I experienced any pain. My initial worries proved fruitless.

Howard Mclead

“Treatment Was Completely Pain Free”

Had fillings today, treatment was completely pain free. I am a nervous patient and the girls were brilliant.

– Josephine Turner

“It’s Not Scary Any More” Says Jane

“It Was Painless and He Was So Gentle”

I was terrified about root canal treatment, Nial put me at ease and it was painless and he was so gentle. Please anyone going for this treatment, don’t be frightened,I recommend it.

– Yvonne Doyle

"Treatment Is Pain Free" Says Fiona

Success Stories Patient Testimonials

"Brilliant Dentists" Says Stacey

Success Stories Patient Testimonials

"Excellent Service" Says Lynne

Success Stories Patient Testimonials

"Stress & Pain Free" Says Lynne

Success Stories Patient Testimonials

"Constantly Smiling", "Completely Pain Free"

Success Stories Patient Testimonials


“I Can’t Thank You Enough”

I found my experience really relaxing as I’m a bit nervous with getting work done on my teeth. I needed this filling done at very short notice as I’m receiving heart surgery 1 week later, therefore Nial assessed my needs and gave me the treatment right away.I can’t thank you enough, I can now go ahead with my surgery.

Gillian Atkinson

“I Will Definitely Be Back”

Felt very nervous coming into the dentist. Morven was very friendly and explained everything to me. I was given DVD goggles, which I have never had before and I found them very useful in taking my mind of my treatment.

My treatment was completely pain free and Morven and Donna put me at ease. All the staff I met at Dentistry on the Clyde were very friendly and helpful. I will definitely be back and will recommend Dentistry on the Clyde to my friends and family.

Rhonda McAuley 

“Very Happy”

Very happy.Sarah was able to remove glue that had been on my teeth for many years causing staining. The Airflow made my teeth whiter. The whole experience was comfortable.

– Sheila Cameron

“DVD Goggles. What A Great Idea!”

I am a very nervous patient and was not looking forward to my appointment. I was seen by Rebecca and she was most pleasant. I was put at ease and when sat down asked if I’d like the DVD goggles. What a great idea!

My appointment flew and the goggles were a tremendous distraction. I will definitely be back to see Rebecca and would recommend the practice to anyone.

Donna Edgely 

“Sarah Is So Professional”

Very good, happy service, good job all round. Sarah is so professional with all patients, will defo be back.

– Brian Doherty

“No Pain Or Discomfort “

Wow! for the first time ever, completely no pain or discomfort. Finally the fear of the dentist is no more.

– Mark Blair

“I Am Very Happy With My Smile”

I was very surprised with how successful this treatment was, after only 2 sessions the difference in my teeth and gums ! Everything was explained in every detail. I will be keeping my treatment going. I am very happy with my smile.

– Linda Malcolm

“No Pain At All”

Received excellent treatment from Nial. Had two fillings and felt no pain at all. Thank you.

– John Gourlay

 “100% Pain Free”

I am a very nervous patient. I was put at ease and reassured throughout the treatment which really helped.  The treatment was 100% pain free but best of all, there was absolutely NO after pain. Fabulous dentist. Well done for surviving the nightmare patient! 

— Julie Devlin

“Very Happy With The Service Received” 

Very happy with the service received. Niall explains everything which is great. Left feeling confident. Look forward to my next visit. Thanks for everything.

—Stephen Mooney 

 “Completely Pain Free”

Delighted to have a white filling instead of a silver one but MOST IMPORTANTLY to have always been very afraid of the dentist and this is the first filling I have ever had that was completely pain free!

Valerie Kitchen

“Very Impressed By Proffesional & Friendly Manner” 

Am very pleased with todays dental work (two fillings) by Niall. Very impressed by the proffesional and friendly manner shown by the whole team here at Dentistry On The Clyde.

— Maureen Murray

“Pain Free & A Very Nice Manner”

I was very anxious before I came in but Niall made me feel at ease. It was marvelous, pain free and he has a very nice manner. Injections were great, felt nothing at all. I asked for Nialls details as I want to see him in future.

—Jean McCay 

 “Best Dental Treatment I Have Ever Had”

Best dental treatment I have ever had, Never felt a thing.

Hilda Docherty

Very pleased as they were painless and the dentist and staff helped me relax and were very professional.

— Catherine MacDonald

Great. Treatment was painless, very impressed.

—   Daniel Kelly

Pain-free treatment and happy with result.

— Aileen Eslel

Absolutely painless. Felt at ease.  Very punctual both with hygienist and dentist. No problem.

— Catherine Piper

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Success Stories Patient Testimonials

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Why Choose Dentistry On The Clyde? We’ll Let Our Patients Answer That

Dentistry on the Clyde
Based on 271 reviews
Dentistry on the Clyde
Based on 55 reviews
Spent an hour with Ross & Chloe having my brace fitted. Very caring & extremely professional. I hardly know I’m wearing the brace and am very glad I decided to go ahead. I would deliver recommend Dentistry on the Clyde!
Diane Glazier
Diane G.
12:36 08 Apr 21
I’m currently having a high speed brace treatment with the practice and the experience so far has been excellent. I have always been slightly nervous going to the dentist but now I’m not nervous in the slightest because of how easy Niall and Chloe have made it! It’s such a relaxed atmosphere and I know I’m in good hands! Would 100% recommend this practice to anyone!read more
Kirsty Jack
Kirsty J.
09:33 03 Apr 21
Very professional, friendly staff who make you feel at ease as soon as you go in. Being very nervous of the dentist everything is explained to me step by step and they take their time with you also. Got work done last week and didn't feel a thing which was a relief and getting more work done which isn't worrying me now. I would highly recommend if you have a fear of the dentistread more
Claire Lees
Claire L.
15:44 02 Apr 21
Excellent practice! Highly recommended. All staff are very kind, accommodating and easily approachable. Great atmosphere in the practice and always look forward to appointments. Great approach to patient / client centred care. Can't thank the team enough.
Frazer M
Frazer M
12:17 26 Mar 21
I didn’t feel like I was going to the dentist, I felt like I was going to see friends. I have been a rather nervous patient during my visits to the dentists for over 30 years but the team at DOTC changed that. From the minute I walked in the door to say hi to Laura and the reception team, speaking to Lauren on costs of treatment and then actually having my treatment from Nial and Chloe, every step of the way I felt like I was with friends. I love my new smile. They are an amazing team and I would encourage anyone to drop in if you are ready for a new more
Debbie Muir
Debbie M.
07:46 23 Mar 21
After not attending the dentist for a few years, I was really nervous about attending but Niall and Chloe made me feel at ease and talked me through everything. I really appreciated things like listening to music while a treatment was getting done and also being open on a Saturday which was ideal for me. I cant recommend them enough. Im so happy with the results and will definitely attend regularly now. Thank you!read more
Suzanne Donald
Suzanne D.
18:50 22 Mar 21
Had an appointment here with Niall today, very professional snd great at explaining the treatment I need, which was a lot to consider and time to think over which treatment option I will choose .
christine O'Brien
christine O.
15:49 18 Mar 21
I have been a patient of this surgery for many years. I have always found all staff to be very friendly, efficient and professional. I am always made to feel at ease, all options are well explained, without pressure, and I have never felt rushed. The late night and Saturday morning opening hours means they are accessible to fit in with my 9-5 working more
Shona Ritchie
Shona R.
00:23 14 Mar 21
Ross and his dental nurse couldn't put you more at ease if you are a nervous patient like myself and Ross explains everything in detail to give you options.Liz and Laura are friendly and welcoming.Can highly recommend
sandra turner
sandra T.
11:03 11 Mar 21
Went into receive a home teeth whitening kit. Have been using the kit for 2 weeks now and already noticing a major difference, would highly Recommend.
Scott Macfarlane
Scott M.
20:34 02 Mar 21
I had a great experience with Niall and Chloe at Dentistry on the Clyde. They took my teeth to the next level with the enlighten whitening treatment. I’d wanted to have a brighter smile for a long time and the were able to give me options and advice on which treatment would work best for me. I’m so happy with my results and the upkeep is really easy too. Thank you Niall, Chloe and the rest of the team at Dentistry on the more
Eve Gallacher
Eve G.
17:24 28 Feb 21
I've been going to dentistry on the Clyde, gourock since August last year, and all I can say is WOW! It's a fantastic dentist with really friendly receptionists Liz & Laura ❤️ my dentist Ross is so patient along with his dental nurse Jen who's so lovely! and the work carried out on my teeth is 2nd to none!! I would highly recommend if you're feeling a bit nervous and scared about taking the jump to getting your teeth fixed. I had braces for almost 6 months and can honestly say they were no bother! It's made such a difference to my confidence already. Thanks DOC team for all your amazing work xxread more
Nicole Ross
Nicole R.
10:49 24 Feb 21
From the minute you walk in the door the Team make you feel so welcome- Cannot thank Morven and her team enough for my wonderful new smile! Highly recommend to anyone who’a unhappy with their teeth -Keep up the amazing work !😁
Julie Montgomery
Julie M.
21:12 19 Feb 21
Dont know why anyone would be apprehensive. I could fall asleep during any work. This mob are different gravy 👏👏👏👏👏.
John Doe
John D.
05:56 12 Feb 21
I was terrified of the dentist and my teeth were a mess but now just out my last appointment with Morven. Wouldn’t use anyone else now. Haven’t felt a thing throughout all my treatment and the team are great at making me feel relaxed. You’re all amazing, thankyou so much!
Kirsty Cameron
Kirsty C.
13:03 09 Feb 21
I have been with this practice for over 3 years. The care from everyone is first class. Options are always given, with quotes for NHS and private care so you can make choices. I have just had a badly broken tooth rescued with root treatment and a crown. All treatment is given with local anaesthetic gel first so you don't feel the injection. Morven is highly skilled with the best technology. The dental nurses and hygienists are kind and give great advice. Reception staff always know your name and greet you warmly. A first class more
Elaine Hamouti
Elaine H.
17:53 01 Feb 21
I have always avoided the dentist as I was scared of any pain or unexpected things happening. I instantly felt welcome at Dentistry on the Clyde as soon as I walked through the door. Every single member of staff were so friendly and helpful and made me feel as ease. Everyone is so informative. The clinic doesn't feel like a regular dentist and feels "homey" with nice smells and some music on the TV while you are being seen to. Everything is explained as it happening or before it happens so there are no unexpected surprises. I have been encouraged to visit this dentist regularly now which is amazing as I have avoided it for years, only going when I absolutely had more
Lauren Findlay
Lauren F.
17:15 01 Feb 21
I can't thank Ross and the team enough for the work they have done. A treat for myself for my big birthday to have brighter, whiter teeth using the Boutique home tray range. I also needed work on two caps on the front. So oil a few visits and a couple months all in. But so worth it. I feel like a new and younger woman. Wish I had done it years ago. Highly recommend your brilliant more
Fiona McCluskey
Fiona M.
13:29 27 Jan 21
I cannot fault Nial and Chloe for their care and how accommodating they were to my schedule. They made sure I understood every step of my process and definitely surpassed all expectations. I can’t thank them enough for their attention and friendly nature constantly putting you at ease. Lauren and the staff on reception are always so welcoming and friendly and I would definitely recommend Dentistry on the Clyde for any of your dental more
Rowan MacKillop
Rowan M.
08:23 12 Jan 21
Wonderful service at dentistry on the Clyde. Such a lovely team, Liz & Laura at reception are always so welcoming. A massive thank you to Nial & Chloe enough for the most reassuring, pain free journey to my new smile! I’m absolutely delighted with my results and can’t get over the difference and in such a short time too... I can’t recommend Dentistry on the Clyde enough - what a job you guys do, thank you again guys⭐️👏read more
Stephanie Pierce
Stephanie P.
10:18 23 Dec 20
I can’t thank Nial & Chloe enough for the amazing work they have done on my teeth over the last few months! You both made me feel so comfortable in each appointment and each time was totally pain free! I can’t stop smiling thank you so much! 💙
Louise Cameron
Louise C.
22:49 20 Dec 20
As usual everyone was very friendly. Everything was set up for social distancing in the waiting room. My appointment was on time. The dentist was friendly and explained what he was doing. Made to feel very comfortable.
Beth Hughes
Beth H.
05:52 04 Dec 20
Pure magic. I have a massive dentist phobia but I have no problem coming here. Staff are excellent and make the experience almost enjoyable. Can't recommend highly enough.
hans stetz
hans S.
13:20 03 Dec 20
Over a year ago I met Lauren the smile specialist to discuss dental implants. She very quickly put me at ease and helped me understand the process and was clear about cost. Then I met Gerry who helped me decide on the most appropriate treatment. I didn’t feel rushed into a decision and decided to go ahead. Chloe and Gerry helped me through a long course of treatment and I am delighted with the final result. I was very nervous at times during the treatment but Chloe and Gerry were patient and kind. I have found all the staff including Liz and Laura on reception unfailingly cheerful, helpful and pleasant. I would highly recommend implant treatment, it’s not cheap but the results are worth more
Margaret Duddy
Margaret D.
22:31 27 Nov 20
Brilliant service by everybody at Dentistry on the clyde, could not be made to feel more welcomed! Finished the treatment and couldn't be happier with the results! No pain at all and for anyone curious get yourselfs an appointment booked to see how they can help!Big shout out to Nial and Chloe... Brilliant help every step of the way!read more
Aidan Gallacher
Aidan G.
18:42 23 Oct 20
Thank you so much to Nial and Chloe so happy with the end result of the dental work I had done over the passed few months, pain free and made to feel so comfortable and reassured throughout every appointment. xx
Shilaine Wright
Shilaine W.
08:07 14 Oct 20
Well! How can I even start to express my delight and gratitude for the Dental treatment I’ve received from Nial and Chloe?Not only was the treatment pain free, the end result exceeded my expectations. I am so very happy and would highly recommend Dentistry on the Clyde. Your smile is so very important and for the first time in years I’m delighted with mine. The whole process, from the welcome at reception from Liz and Laura to Nial and Chloe’s excellent team work. Thank you so much 👏🏻👏🏻😁😁read more
Janette Thomson
Janette T.
12:48 13 Oct 20
Absolute professionalism.... from the reception desk to the the excellent dentistry upstairs...Morven who is my Dentist is top notch and is probably the best Dentist I've ever went to...
Christina Pearce
Christina P.
17:59 12 Oct 20
Wonderful service, definitely pain free treatment, everyone extremely friendly and made to feel very comfortable and at ease. Absolutely delighted with my new smile, my treatment has given me new confidence. Thank you so much to everyone 😁😁 I would recommend anyone to use Dentistry on the Clyde, first class 👌❤️read more
Tracy Aslanhan
Tracy A.
15:10 10 Oct 20
Very professional, friendly staff who make you feel at ease as soon as you go in. Being very nervous of the dentist everything is explained to me step by step and they take their time with you also. Got work done last week and didn't feel a thing which was a relief. I would highly recommend if you have a fear of the dentistread more
Claire Lees
Claire L.
12:22 01 Jul 20
best people and best care you will ever experience from a dental.practice ..thank you to everyone who helped with my fear and especially Ross and rebecca for really looking after me and the stars at reception #bestbunch
Karen Galbraith
Karen G.
13:36 13 Feb 20
Anyone who does not like visiting a dentist should try Dentistry on the Clyde, the most relaxing dental experience I have ever had. Lovely people , treatment was excellent , fast and pain free with fantastic results. Thank you Nial and Chloe.
Nuala Gray
Nuala G.
20:07 20 Jan 20
Words I would describe the team at Gourock: friendly, professional, outstanding. Special mentions to Laura and Liz at the reception for their always warm welcome. Niall and Chloe on the treatment I am currently receiving.
Audrey Manning
Audrey M.
15:09 18 Apr 19
couldn’t of asked for better treatment! staff are all friendly and welcoming. Felt at ease during consultation treatment both with Morven & Rebecca. Would highly recommend 😁😁
Evelyn Darrah
Evelyn D.
14:19 01 Apr 19
I came to the practice before my wedding for whitening trays, Morven explained all the options with me & also fixed another few issues I had to give me the perfect smile for my big day. I have also been to Rebecca a few times now & can confirm my procedures have always been pain free, all the girls at the practice are so lovely and make you feel very calm, I am so glad I moved over to this more
Kayleigh Bethel
Kayleigh B.
20:04 07 Feb 19
I would like to thank everyone at dentistry on the Clyde for the service they provided me with yesterday, from the girls on reception who made me welcome even when I was 45mins early and on their lunch break, Yvonne for chatting away making me feel at ease while in the treatment room & Morven for taking her time with me, explaining my options and most importantly giving me pain free treatment! A very enjoyable experience for someone who was anxious walking through the door. thanks again!read more
Lisa Brown
Lisa B.
17:49 04 Jan 19
I’ve just finished teeth straightening with Nial and am absolutely over the moon with the result, it took about 5.5 months all in and my only regret is not doing it sooner! I have extremely sensitive teeth but didn’t find the appointments to be painful and on the once occasion that it was quite sore (I’d had a lot of teeth movement the weeks prior so they were especially sensitive) Nial numbed it up which I didn’t feel at all.The entire team at the practice are so friendly and welcoming and even though I had some issues with my braces at the start I never felt like a bother going back. Thanks everyone, so so so pleased. I’d absolutely recommend here for any dental treatment and am infact moving to the practice as my regular dentist!read more
Linsay McCormick
Linsay M.
08:16 29 Aug 18
I haven’t been to the dentist in just over 20 years due to a fear from a bad expierence when I was younger. I finally got the courage to book an appointment. The 2 hour round trip was worth it!! Morven put me at ease and made me feel calm even though I was so nervous. I have my next appointment booked for the hygienist and my full assessment and I am actually not petrified about it!read more
Ainsley O'Brien
Ainsley O.
22:20 12 Jun 18
I was very happy indeed with my experience at Dentistry on the Clyde.was extremely anxious beforehand,but was immediately put at ease by the staff.felt very comfortable in dentist Morven s capable hands .. she was gentle and professional at the same time . Delighted with the results .thanks very more
Lesley Lockhart
Lesley L.
08:56 09 May 18
I have always hated my teeth since I was a teenager (which wasn’t yesterday!) I was recommended Morven through a mutual friend, booked in for a consultation & embarked on a course of Invisalign. Morven, the whole team & the treatment itself was totally outstanding - for the 1st time in my adult life I can be proud of my smile & it’s all down to Morven & the team - thank you Dentistry on the Clyde!read more
Lorna Glen
Lorna G.
14:40 27 Apr 18
As a person that really doesn’t like going to the dentist out of fear of the pain that’s associated with dental work I can 100% hands down say that Dr Nial made my recent crown fitting absolutely pain free. Nial made me feel very comfortable and at ease with the anesthetic injection and all the drilling and prep work for my crown. I was there for an hour and never felt a thing, totally pain free . Thank you so much Dr Nial for my positive experience, you are my go to dentist for life � highly recommend dentistry on the Clyde . Thank you to you and your team . Very pleasant more
Suzanne Kponton
Suzanne K.
12:58 20 Feb 18
From entering the building you are greeted with a smile. The waiting area is modern and doesn’t feel like a dentists at all. Morven (the dentist), greeted me with a smile and a handshake, followed by introducing the others in the room. She took time to ask questions and listen to answers. Whilst I was devastated with the news I received about 8 teeth, Morven explained what she was going to do, why she was going to do it and the x-rays and photos on a large TV screen was amazing. Every possible option was given to me and I really trusted what I was being advised, rather than a sales pitch. It was only my first visit with 7 teeth to be extracted, but weirdly, I’m looking forward to the following visits and seeing the planned outcome, where I have no doubts that I will get confidence back in my smile. 10 Stars!read more
Davidson A Davidson
Davidson A D.
22:57 15 Feb 18
Dont normally write reviews but just wanted to say I'm so happy i found Morven to be my dentist. I've had such a bad experience with dentists in the past but my experience here has been amazing! Would really recommend coming here!
Natasha Alexi
Natasha A.
21:46 02 Oct 17
Really friendly dental practice. Receptionists are all lovely and really go out their way to talk to clients. Morvin is a great dentist and very true to her word. I needed a wisdom tooth out and after a year of me being scared to get it removed I eventually agreed. I couldn't believe it was pain free and I suffered no discomfort afterwards just as Morvin had promised me. I wouldn't contemplate going to a different practice as very happy with the service they provide �My mum also attends the practice and everyone is so good with her which is very much appreciatedread more
FJuliexx Fulton
FJuliexx F.
19:58 19 Jul 17
I would highly recommend this dentist to anyone as I was really nervous in going, they are right about the pain free as I never felt the needle going in my gum, they are really nice and friendly towards u
Vicky Kane
Vicky K.
11:00 06 Jul 17
I am very pleased how helpful the assistants and dentists and receptionists are here. I would tell anyone to come to Dentistry on the Clyde. Should have gone years ago. Thank You and Best Wishes.
John King
John K.
12:58 25 May 17
The most helpful..kind ..understanding dentist I've ever seen..from the ladies at the front desk to the lovely reassuring lady dentist Morvin...thank you so much for putting me at ease I'm actually looking forward to my plan to fix my challenges..thank you again �x
Mary Wallace Magnano
Mary Wallace M.
08:48 27 Apr 17
Tooth extracted today, terrified running up to it till I got there, all the staff make u feel welcome which makes the experience 100% better. Best experience I have ever had getting a tooth taking as it was pain free and didn't even know the tooth was out�. Thanks Morven �
Willie Compston
Willie C.
10:12 14 Mar 17
My Gran (Annie Forgrieve) has asked me to write a review on her behalf. She would like to say that her experience was really great and that she truly felt no pain what so ever! She has always been afraid of the dentist but has come to feel at ease with Dentistry on the Clyde! She would like to say a huge thank you Nial!read more
Nicolle McLeod
Nicolle M.
16:32 28 Jan 17
I highly recommend this practice simply because the staff are so welcoming, down to earth and put you at ease immediately. Special thanks to Morven, Donna and Rebecca for their care and professionalism during my recent visits. I can smile with confidence again. Many thanks 🙂
Donna Hansen
Donna H.
18:11 01 Nov 16
Literally can't thanks this place enough,around 16 months ago I went here- Having such a extreme phobia of the dentist since I was child,I tried several different places/dentists and none of them worked out. Which resulted me needing a lot of treatment done - I was dreading it all but honestly they made it all so easy and let me listen to my music whilst getting the treatments done. They always made sure I was at ease and comfortable before all my treatments alsoI had a ingrown tooth and my teeth weren't straight so I went for the clear braces and few other treatment to sort them out.So I had consultation and they even helped me make up a payment plan that I could pay monthly. I've now finished my treatment and I can't believe the difference. - Looking at my teeth now you'd never have guessed how they were before . Such a big difference! My first day I was in tears and this was when I was just getting my teeth looked at. Niall kept me at ease throughout all my appointments. I now no longer have the phobia (which I thought would NEVER happen) and even when getting work done - it was painless. Which really surprised me tbh.The reception staff,dentists and the assistants are all so friendly aswell! So glad I choose to take the jump and email this place - best decision I've made in years. Thanks so much ❤️❤️So if anyone out there with a phobia and get extremely anxious of the dentist - Go here cause it's the best. Highly recommend!read more
Nikki Walker
Nikki W.
16:41 16 Oct 16
Definitely recommend dentistry on the Clyde. In particular nial Balloch for my Great treatment. Always going out they're way to suit you considering I stay an hour away and my time scale was limited. So happy with the outcome after having my teeth straightened. Can't wait to use my teeth whitening kitread more
Stacey Williamson
Stacey W.
20:32 20 Jun 16
A big thank you to Morven and everyone at Dentistry on the Clyde for all their help such an amazing dentist and everyone very friendly...thank you all so much. Wouldn't go anywhere else and also great with my daughter when she's there. 110% the best dentist in Inverclyde
Shari Louise
Shari L.
17:07 15 Jun 16
As a nervous patient I was made to feel very relaxed by welcoming and friendly reception staff. I then met Morven who immediately put me at ease and had made my day by telling me all the positive things she can do for me after my years of neglect to my mouth. Delighted and cannot wait to start treatment !!! Highly more
Carol Hunter
Carol H.
16:49 20 Jan 16
After my consultation tonight, I have left dentistry on the clyde feeling great. I was welcomed at reception by the friendly staff and then met by Morven. I can't wait to go back and get started as I was very impressed with the consultation and how Morven explained everything to me, overall professionalism was outstanding. I would also recommend Morven to my family, friends & more
Alan Gilbride
Alan G.
23:08 24 Nov 15
Excellent service at this dental practice...I was put at ease by the dentist Morven Smith. She was very friendly,efficient and explained everything so well. Very good customer service so will be recommending my friends to go there.Thanks so much for your help
Lynne Johnstone
Lynne J.
17:02 02 Oct 15
Finance Options - Spreading The Cost of Your Dentistry

Finance Options - Spreading The Cost of Your Dentistry

We understand that dental treatment may be necessary at times which are not always financially convenient. To help you on these occasions we can offer you various options to spread the investment including 0% interest free credit on treatment.

Other low cost finance options are available. If you are worried about paying for your dental treatment we will try our best to help find the right solution for you.

We also offer a pain free practice plan to help spread the cost of your routine dental care.

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