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Straight Teeth Smile Discovery Day

Are You Looking To Transform Your Smile, At An Award Winning Dental Practice, That Guarantees A Straighter, Whiter Smile? If you have answered ‘yes’, we have some fantastic news for you. We have limited spaces available on our Straight Teeth Smile Discovery Day.

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Clear Braces for Straight Teeth at Dentistry on the Clyde

High Speed Braces™

Guaranteed straighter, whiter teeth at dentistry on the clyde

Are You Hiding Your Smile On Photos? Would you love to be able to take a selfie with confidence? Don’t worry we are here to help!

Clear Braces for Straight Teeth at Dentistry on the Clyde  Too many people in and around Gourock are living their lives with an imperfect smile. Maybe in your mind unsightly braces are the only option to straighten your teeth and you choose to grow old not feeling good about your smile.

Dentistry On The Clyde are one of only a few cosmetic dentists in Scotland that can provide you with an exciting technology, making it easier and faster to straighten your teeth, “High Speed Braces ™”. In addition we are classed as a Cfast Centre of Excellence and a Platinum Elite Provider for Invisalign.

To put it simply, Dentistry On The Clyde understands the downsides of braces and made we made it our mission to find a better way – and we did! Not only for children, but for adults too!

We offer 3 main types of braces to straighten your teeth in no time at all…

  • Clear braces (brackets and wires) for the front of your teeth
  • Clear, removable Invisalign retainers
  • Invisible braces that fit behind your teeth!

You will be amazed at what is possible! You too can have “Straight Teeth In 6-16 Weeks”

Clear Braces for Straight Teeth at Dentistry on the Clyde  Many people have the same self-esteem issues children have. The typical personality transformation that takes place once their smiles are corrected is truly remarkable.

The under 50s crowd is getting the smile they always dreamed of and older people get the added advantage of looking and feeling younger. This is Straight Teeth Dentistry.

When you are faced with a handful of teeth straightening systems how on earth do you find one that is just right for you? First of all, you need to know all the facts and information and then spend some time in calm, considered deliberation. After all a hasty decision can be very expensive!

Clear Braces for Straight Teeth at Dentistry on the Clyde

Why Should You Choose Dentistry On The Clyde For Your Straight Teeth Treatment?

Complete Dental Assessments

1) You are completely assessed by one of our dentists. We check the full health of your mouth so that we can guarantee the success of your treatment. This includes a full dental heath check, X-rays, gum condition, bite check and bone levels before we start your treatment.

The last thing we want to do is for you to lose your teeth further down the line because we tried to cut costs and cut corners.

We Stick With You Throughout Your Treatment

2) We want to make sure your braces are right from the off. So, our dentists will check to ensure that your new retainers are properly fitting before you start your treatment. In addition, we know that sometimes we will need to take extra measures to ensure that stubborn teeth move into position as planned. Your dentist will see you regularly throughout treatment to make sure everything is going to plan.

We Stop Your Teeth From Moving Back

3) We include not one but two types of retainer for you to wear after you have finished your treatment. Again, we want your treatment to last, we don’t want those teeth to move back. Included as part of the package is a clear removable retainer for you to wear at night. And also, a fixed retainer that we place on the back of your teeth. That way if you forget the removable retainer the other one is always there working.

Regulated And Protected

4) Our practice is regulated by the General Dentistry Council (GDC) and the NHS Health Board to make sure we reach standards in terms of training, cleanliness and accountability.

Award Winning Premium Providers

5) We are part of an award-winning dental group (Pain Free Dentistry Group) that has won awards for Best Patient Care, Best Treatment of Nervous Patients and Practice of The Year. Not only that we are Scotland’s only Premium Providers of Invisalign and Cfast systems.

And finally, on top of all that, we guarantee you a straighter, whiter smile of your money back!

But don’t just take our word for it, see what our patients have said about us on Google…

Clear Braces for Straight Teeth at Dentistry on the Clyde
Clear Braces for Straight Teeth at Dentistry on the Clyde
Clear Braces for Straight Teeth at Dentistry on the Clyde
Clear Braces for Straight Teeth at Dentistry on the Clyde


Our New Scanner Technology And Why You Should Be Excited

One of the main benefits, we don’t have to take impressions for Invisalign or crown & bridge work. No more chunky impressions and no gagging!

For braces we can take a scan and generate an image of what your smile will look like after treatment. You can then decide if braces are right for you.

The scan is much more accurate than standard impressions. Meaning your treatment is much more accurate.

And because the scan is digital, the turnaround time for treatment is much faster.

My Braces Were Behind My Teeth So Nobody Could See Them


Free Guide To Straight Teeth

Download our Free Guide to Straight, Bright White Teeth in Just 6-16 Weeks For People in Scotland, explains in more detail how Invisalign work and how they have benefited some of our patients. Straighten Your Teeth in 6-16 Weeks. Read Our Free Straight Teeth Guide On Invisible Braces today.

For your free copy of our revised and updated edition please fill in your name, email and phone number. 

Find out how you can end uneven teeth anguish by downloading your FREE Guide to Straight Teeth today.

Don’t get your teeth straightened until you’ve read this fascinating guide. Take your time and read about our High Speed Braces™ treatment and how it could benefit you.

Straight Teeth Guide Free To Download Today

Clear Braces for Straight Teeth at Dentistry on the Clyde

Start your journey today to a straighter, whiter smile… and that’s guranteed!

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All Your Straight Teeth Questions Answered…

What's Included In Your Treatment?

What Braces Do We Offer?

What Is The Cost Of Braces?

How Long Does It Take?

Will My Teeth Move Back?

Will My Braces Hurt?

Will My Braces Stain?

Behind Your Teeth Braces


Am I Suitable For Straighter Teeth?

Before you decide on any treatment we ask you to come down to the practice for a Complimentary Consultation. This helps us to assess your needs and help you find the best straight teeth solution at the right price for you.

In addition we will…

  • Assess your needs and budget
  • Decide which type of teeth straightening is right for you- e.g. clear retainers, clear braces, behind teeth braces…
  • Discuss how long invisible braces take to straighten your teeth
  • Talk about how much treatments cost
  • Did you know you can have your teeth whitened and straightened at the same time?
  • Explain why Invisible braces aren’t for everyone.

The Next Step…Are you suitable for straighter teeth? Find out now. Just pick up the phone and contact us now for a Complimentary Consultation or complete the form below.

Better yet, when you come along to your Complimentary Consultation, we will give you a copy of our latest book “Making Scottish Smiles The Envy Of The World”, which retails at £9.99 on Amazon, for Free!

Clear Braces for Straight Teeth at Dentistry on the Clyde

Complimentary Consultation

Smile Advice, Usually £97 but now FREE

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Come and speak for Free
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Yes! I Want Free Smile Advice Which Includes:

A meeting at our practice or if you are nervous we can arrange to meet at our local coffee shop.

You can relax with a hot drink while you chat about how, and in what ways, *Pain Free Dentistry can improve your dental health.

Included in your complimentary consultation:

  • Address your concerns and desires
  • Discuss treatment options suitable for you
  • See before & after photos and patient testimonials
  • Offer of interest free finance options
  • Opportunity to book your clinical assessment

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We hate spam and will never rent or sell your details to anybody

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