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Giving Back

Giving Back at Dentistry on the Clyde

At Dentistry On The Clyde we are always looking for ways to give back to our local community and to people less fortunate than us both home and abroad.

One of the charities that we actively support is Dental Mavericks. The Mavericks have been helping to end daily dental pain for the children in Morocco for a number of years now, and also provide support for Syrian refugees in Greece.

Morven Talks About Her Rif Mountain Experience With Dental Mavericks

A few weeks ago I got back from the most amazing trip in Morocco, in the Rif Mountains with the Dental Maverick’s charity. We’re in the Rif Mountains providing dental treatment and getting children out of pain in really remote communities. It was such an amazing experience. You might have seen some videos or photographs on our Facebook page.

The country is amazing. Morocco is just beautiful. It is just amazing, breath-taking views in these mountainous landscapes. We were traveling out to these really remote, isolated communities in the mountains and providing the dental treatment. The people are just so friendly and so welcoming. The children are so gorgeous and, again, just so grateful and … that you’re there to get rid of pain that they have been into for god knows how long.

These remote communities, they have very little of dental education. Very little hygiene. Some of them, this is the first toothbrush that they’ve ever been given. Along with their really high sugar diet, they have a lot of tooth decay. Some of the children I was seeing, every single tooth in their mouth had a lot of tooth decay. It was just a case of working out which one was the worst one, worst case, to remove from them.
The whole trip was a lot harder, both physically and emotionally than I had thought it was going to be. Physically, we were getting up at sunrise, waking up first thing in the morning.

Traveling to a different school each day and a different rural community in the mountains and setting up. We were triaging the children and then just seeing child, after child, after child, just giving them treatment to get them out of pain. It was tough days. It was 40 degree heat so it was very sweaty work. You were working a long time without a break or without any food. To be honest, with all the adrenaline, you just wanted to keep on going, and going, and going and keep on treating more and more child until there was none left. It was tough but enjoyable at the same.

Emotionally exhausting, a lot harder than I thought. These poor kids are living in the … are in a lot of pain and they’re living in really poor living conditions that is really underdeveloped and these remote communities. They have such good spirits, they’re just so happy and so appreciative for what you’re doing.

A lot of patients that I’ve seen already have asked about the language barrier, if that was a problem or not. It really wasn’t. We did have translators there, if we needed them, if we got stuck. You just create this connection with the child. You reassured them and you relaxed them. You just tried to make them laugh. It was a lot of fun and fun in the clinic. It was really, really a fun environment to work in.

I’ve come back, I think, a lot more positive, a lot more appreciative. I definitely don’t complain as much, anymore. The Dental Mavericks, they organized the whole project. It was a huge success. In collaboration between our team and with the Moroccan dentists, we saw over 5,000 children. 5,000 children got toothbrushes and toothpaste and briefed on how to brush their teeth.

Over 2,000 children got treated and got out of pain. That’s just such a good experience. Thank you so much for all your donations. Whether it was online, through our website, or at the desk, in the practice. It has all gone to a really, really, really worthy cause.


Morven is took part in a project with the Mavericks in the Rif Mountains in Africa. Here she is to tell you more…

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